Power Amplifier, 1 W 0.001 – 22 GHz

The MAAP-011327 is a 1 W distributed power amplifier offered in a lead-free 5 mm 32-lead AQFN package. The power amplifier operates from 0.001 to 22 GHz and provides 13.5 dB of linear gain and 30.5 dBm of output power at saturation. The device is fully matched across the band and includes a temperature compensated output power detector.

The MAAP-011327 can be used as a power amplifier stage or as a driver stage in higher power applications. This device is ideally suited for test and measurement, EW, ECM, and radar applications.

This product is fabricated using a GaAs pHEMT process which features full passivation for enhanced reliability.    read more